She Walked On Jizzlam Rug On Radical Jizzlam

Stupid woman got whipped for her insolence. She stepped on the sacred rug with shoes on, and for that the Caliph made her pray towards Pecca and she began sucking. She felt uncomfortable for handling such a huge penis, but she continued to bob her head until he came in her mouth. He ordered her to play with it in her mouth before swallowing.

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Dumb Bitch Whipped And Swallowed Jizz on

Sacred Puffy Nipples on Radical Jizzlam

The Caliph loves a woman with a nice set of tits. He always looks for the best quality in the breast. So when this one woman with a beautiful breast, the Caliph bumped her up to the front of the line to be converted. She got on her knees, praying to Pecca, then ends up sucking it too. She took off her clothes and continued to suck, bobbing up and down and her breast bounced. The Caliph filled her mouth with his milk of paradise. She gargled it before swallowing and it was then she converted to RadicalJizzlam.

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Woman With Puffy Tits Converts to

The Caliph Converts A White Slave On Radical Jizzlam


Today we have a pale slave looking to convert to Radical Jizzlam. She gets on her knees before the Caliph and converting to his cause. She sucked on Pecca until the Caliph unleashed his milk of paradise into her mouth, which keeps her pure and holy.

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White Slave Converting Before the Caliph on

Jizzlam Accepts All Lost Souls On Radical Jizzlam


This troubled woman covered in tattoos is seeking substance and purpose. As understanding the Caliph is, he suggest that she converts to Radical Jizzlam. He tells her that she must subjugate herself to men, and cover her hair and body to purify herself through modesty and drinking the Caliphs milk. She puts his cock in her mouth and begins oral sex on him. She bobs her head over and over again until the large dick erupted in her mouth. She plays with his jizz all over her mouth and swallowed every drop.

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Whore With Lost Soul Sucks A dick to Convert in

Spiritual Guidance On Radical Jizzlam


There are many reasons why women come to the Caliph. Some are cheating wives who need discipline. And then there are some who need the structure that Radical Jizzlam provides. This lost soul had some questions from the Caliph. And he had her pray towards Pecca and suck all the milk out of it. She swishes it in her mouth before swallowing his load. He gave her some advice and told her how crucial it is to swallow, and from this day forward she will never not swallow.

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This Poor Soul Looked For Oral Sex Guidance on

Bow And Take Your Punishment On Radical Jizzlam

This Western woman visits the land of black gold and takes a husband, but it didn’t take long for her to become unfaithful, and her poor husband was left with 2 choices: a divorce, or have her punished by the Caliph. Her husband chose the latter and he was very pleased. The Caliph took his belt and wrapped it around her neck. He then pulled out his dick and ordered her to suck it until he came in her mouth. This cheating wife swallowed every drop of his load and was whipped even more with the belt.

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Cheating Wife Gets Punished By The Caliph on

Immaculate Conception On Radical Jizzlam


This unfaithful wife was awaiting punishment and was given to the Caliph. He pulls out his cock as he look at her with anger and contempt. She was ordered to suck it and she reluctantly complied.  He told her “you and your husband will raise my offspring” as he began to fuck her from behind. He ejaculated inside her vagina and began to whip her to finalize her punishment. He just knew that if they raise his baby, they will grow closer in their faith in Jizzlam.

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Unfaithful Wife Was Ordered to Suck The Caliph’s Cock On

After The Fast On Radical Jizzlam

Nothing quite hits the spot after a long fast, when you are a woman, than a nice thick and creamy load—like a lassi. She begged the Caliph for his milk “The Caliph said make this month the turning point in your life. Break free from the deceptions of this world and indulge into the sweetness of my milk.” Not only did she drink his milk, but she sucked his dick nice and deep. The Caliph’s dick is huge, like one of Saddam’s Scuds. She bowed in submission and humility to his masculinity and her inferiority as a woman.

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A Woman Begged For The Caliph’s Milk Of Paradise on

Conversion Therapy On Radical Jizzlam


When an 18 year old know-it-all comes and starts talking all this crap, the Caliph turns her towards Pecca, causing her to pray. She bows before him and opens her mouth and sucks on Pecca. She is successfully converted to Radical Jizzlam after bobbing on the Caliph’s cock a hundred times. She opens her mouth as the Caliph shoots his load into her mouth. Like a loyal servant, she swallows his holy bounty.

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Cute Ebony Teen Converts By Sucking The Caliph’s cock on

She Desecrated Our Sacred Rug On Radical Jizzlam


This stupid bitch was doing good at sucking on the Caliph’s cock until it was time to swallow his milk of paradise. She dribbled some from her mouth, dishonoring the sacred rug. The Caliph made her use her tongue to clean it up and lick out all the stains that are left. Like a good whore, she swallowed every drop. She face towards the direction of Pecca and continued to pray. The next time she does this again, she will get a caning.

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Stupid Whore Desecrated The Sacred Rug On