The Caliph Wept on Radical Jizzlam

Before the Caliph knelt an ebony whore with big tits, but she’s all plastic and covered in tattoos. He feels that she’s unworthy but there is some compassion in him. She removes her clothing to show off her markings and mutilations. Oddly impressed, he felt her up and became erect. As he is feeling guilty for lusting the flesh, he pulled out his cock and this infidel got on her knees and began to suck on it. He caused her to perform the ritual over and over to show him that she is a worthy convert. The Caliph was surprised by her skill. He shot his load in her mouth. She plays with it in her mouth before swallowing. Another lost soul converted to Radical Jizzlam.

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Busty Infidel Performs The Oral Ritual On

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